Transcript: CIBC Investor’s Edge — What’s an option?

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[A closed laptop is shown, which opens to show a bar graph and a line graph on its monitor.]

>> CIBC Investor’s Edge employee: An option is a contract to buy or sell a stock in the future at a designated price, otherwise known as a strike price, for a specified period of time, or up until the expiry date.

[A document and pen icon is shown, labelled “An option is a contract.” To the right, a coin icon appears with arrows moving out of it in both directions, and is labelled “to buy or sell a stock.” A calendar icon appears to the right, and is labelled “in the future.” Beside this a money icon appears, labelled “at a designated price,” which then changes to: “(strike price).” The money icon then changes to a clock icon labelled “for a specified period of time.” The hands on the clock icon move around and the label is changed to: “or until the expiry date.”]

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