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Welcome to CIBC Investor’s Edge!

Come along while we take a quick look around the CIBC Investor’s Edge website. 

[Video: A laptop opens up. Focusing on the monitor, CIBC Investor’s Edge Investing platform populates the monitor. We are in the Investing tab and are viewing an account’s Order Status.]

[Part one: quotes and research page]

First stop — Quotes and Research. Whether you know what you want to invest in, or you’re still unsure, you’ll want to do your research.

[Video: Quotes and Research section pops out from the right navigation bar and each section of Quotes and Research is highlighted in sequence: My Quote Lists, Market Centre, Stock Centre, ETF Centre, Fund Centre, Analyst Reports, May Alerts.]

And that’s easy to do with our powerful and intuitive tools, like watch lists, detailed stock pages, and screeners.

[Video: An example of a Stock Centre page and an ETF Centre page appear side by side on the screen.]

[Part two: ETF Centre, Fund Centre and Stock Centre]

Interested in a specific investment type? Check out our ETF Centre and Fund Centre.  

[Video: An example of an ETF Centre page appears on screen.]

Curious about a specific stock? Take a deep dive with Stock Centre.

[Video: An example of a Stock Centre page appears on screen.]

[Part three: Market Centre]

Need to stay on top of the latest market news and trends? Definitely drop by our Market Centre. 

With its at-a-glance view of the markets, news headlines, and market movers, you can be sure you’re always in the know.

[Video: An example of a Market Centre page appears on screen. First we look at the Overview tab. Next we look at the Market Movers tab.]

[Part four: Funding your account]

Of course, you’ll also need money in your account to make trades, so we’ve made that easy, too.

[Video: We move back to the Investing Account Information page under My Accounts. We see “Michael Smith’s” account as the amount of money in the account grows to $1234.50. ]

As soon as you’ve registered your account online, you can transfer cash so you’re ready to trade.

[Video: “Transfer cash so you’re ready to trade” appears and the laptop screen fades out.]

[Part five: Ready to trade on our multiple platforms]

Our easy-to-use platforms make trading a breeze — you can trade on your computer or on your phone using our mobile app. Whatever works for you. 

[Video: A mobile phone appears with the Quote Details page on the screen. The mobile phone scrolls down to the Trade button and the button is pressed.  ]

Plus, you’ll only pay $6.95 per online equity trade.

[Video: “$6.95 per online equity trade” appears on the laptop screen.]

So, you’ve placed your first trade! Pretty simple, right?

[Video: “You’ve placed your first trade” and a checkmark inside a circle appears on screen.  ]

[Part six: Account information]

Keeping track of trades is easy too. 

[Video: “Account Holdings” page appears on laptop screen, showing “Last business day’s closing value of securities (in CAD)” and “Total book value of securities (in CAD)” going up in value under the Portfolio/Book Value tab.]

Access your order status, review your account information and see a breakdown of your portfolio any time.

[Video: “Access your order status,” “Review your information,” and “See a breakdown of your portfolio” appear vertically as the laptop moves over to the right slightly.]

And that’s just the beginning.

[Video: The laptop moves back to the centre of the window and the Knowledge Bank Overview page is now on the screen.]

[Part seven: Knowledge Bank]

Find our library of informative articles, webinars and videos in Knowledge Bank, and hear directly from the trusted voices of CIBC experts, like Jamie Golombek, Avery Shenfeld, and Benjamin Tal.

[Video: Over top of the laptop we see an example of a webinar replay, and a how-to video. Then photos of CIBC experts pop up on screen, one by one: Jamie Golombek, Avery Shenfeld and Benjamin Tal.]

Get the products, tools, services and competitive pricing you need to help you take control of your financial future today.

[Video: The words “Products,” “Tools” and “Services” and sentence “$6.95 per online equity trade” pop up on screen one at a time. Then the laptop closes and disappears followed by the sentence “To help you take control of your financial future today.”]

CIBC Investor’s Edge 

Giving you the resources you need to make informed decisions is our business.

[Video: CIBC logo and CIBC Investor’s Edge populate the screen on a blue background, with the sentence “CIBC Investor’s Edge is a division of CIBC Investor Services Inc.” beneath it.]