[Inspiring music playing.]

(voiceover): Welcome to CIBC Investor’s Edge. Come along while we take you on a quick tour of our updated platform.

[A laptop and a mobile device appear and both are displaying the My Accounts page.]

All our resources, including a variety of helpful investment tools, are available on both your computer and your phone — whatever works for you.

[The focus moves to the My Accounts menu on the desktop site. Then it pans over to the mobile device and zooms in on the expanded side navigation menu.]

And not only do we have a great new look, but we also have user-friendly menus, on both desktop and mobile, that make it even easier to find what you’re looking for.

[Then focus moves to the quick links menu at the bottom of the mobile screen.]

Mobile’s menu also has quick links to key sections at the bottom of the screen, making navigation a breeze.

[A laptop displays the My Accounts page.]

Ready to start the tour? Let’s go.

[The cursor hovers over Quotes and Research, before clicking on it.]

So you probably want to stay on top of the latest market news and trends, right? Then let’s visit Quotes and Research first.  

[The Overview page under the Market Centre tab appears. The cursor then clicks on the Markets at a Glance tab.]

When you land on Market Centre you’ll get a quick look at the latest market activity and news.

[The Markets at a glance page appears. The focus zooms in on the Canadian markets button and the US markets button.]

While Markets at a Glance gives you both Canadian and US rates, as well as the ability to move between both markets.

[The cursor selects Advanced Chart then the focus zooms out. The Advanced Chart overlay fills a laptop screen as well as a mobile phone screen. Then the curser closes the overlay.]

Advanced chart can be opened from various menus on the platform and opens up in a large overlay. Plus, you can also save a chart template as your default view. And you can compare charts with indices and stocks, on desktop and the mobile app.

[The cursor selects the Market Movers tab.]

And don’t forget about Market Movers, which helps keep you in the know.

[The cursor selects the News tab.]

And for even more insight, check out the News section.

[The cursor selects the ETF Centre tab.]

Interested in an ETF? Then visit our ETF Centre.

[The cursor selects the Fund Centre tab.]

And for mutual funds, you can head to our Fund Centre.

[The cursor selects the Stock Centre tab.]

Curious about a specific stock? Take a deep dive with Stock Centre.

[The cursor selects the Cash Transfers tab. The Cash Transfers page appears and there is a form on the page with the title Step 1 of 3: Entry.]

Of course, you’ll also need money in your account to make trades, so we’ve made that easy too.

[The details of a cash transfer are entered into the form including the From account, To Account, Amount $ and Process Date.]

As soon as you’ve registered your account online, visit Cash Transfers and transfer funds.

[The confirmation page for the cash transfer appears.]

So you’re set up to trade whenever you’re ready. Our easy-to-use platforms make trading a breeze.

[We zoom out as the Trading page appears on the laptop screen and the mobile device screen.]

You can trade on your computer or on the go using our mobile app. Whatever you prefer.

[Close-up of the Learn section appears. The focus scrolls down the page and lands on the tutorials section.]

And don’t forget to watch our trade tutorials on Learn.

[The Learn section disappears and we are back to the Trading page. Then the cursor selects the Account Information tab.]

Moving on to My Accounts. 

[The My Accounts page appears. The focus scrolls down the page to showcase how the information is organized.]

You’ll find that we’ve redesigned this page so that your information is better organized. Making it even more convenient to track your investments and review your account information.

[The cursor then clicks on the Account Holdings tab. The Account holdings page appears with the Most Recent tab already selected.]

Looking for a breakdown of your portfolio? No problem, just visit Account Holdings, anytime, anywhere.

[The focus zooms in on the dropdown menu in the top right corner as the cursor selects the More tab and then the Learn button.]

And don’t forget to check out Learn, under More, on both desktop and mobile.

[The Learn landing page appears on the screen.]

Our library of informative articles and videos can help you grow your investment knowledge.

[The focus zooms in on the Tools and Guides link.]

Remember those trade tutorials we mentioned? You’ll find those here, too.

[Photos of CIBC experts pop up on screen, one by one: Jamie Golombek, Avery Shenfeld and Benjamin Tal.]

In Learn, you’ll also hear directly from the trusted voices of CIBC experts, like Jamie Golombek, Avery Shenfeld and Benjamin Tal.

[The Learn page disappears, the My Accounts page appears and then the focus zooms out to show the laptop displaying the page. Then the My Accounts page disappears and the number $6.95 appears on the laptop screen.]

So take control of your financial future today. With our products, tools and services — plus our competitive price of $6.95 per online equity trade — you have everything you need to invest with confidence. 

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