Transcript: Quotes and Research: Powerful tools to keep you on track

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(Voiceover) Want to make investing effortless? You came to the right place.

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[Animated bar chart. A trend line arrow appears over top of the bars, moving upward from left to right. The arrow turns right and moves toward a tablet computer with charts on the screen. The tablet slides offscreen and is replaced by a briefcase with papers sticking out of it.]

Whether you’re new to online investing or an experienced trader, Quotes and Research has a range of powerful tools designed to help keep your portfolio on track. Ready to learn more? Let’s take a tour.

[A laptop computer displays the Market Centre.]

When you land on Market Centre, you’ll get an overall view of the day’s trading activity and market news from across North America.

[On the laptop screen, a cursor appears. It selects the Advanced Chart tab.]

Advanced charting tools — on both desktop and mobile — help you decide when to buy or sell and compare stocks against indexes and other securities.

[A detailed graph appears on the laptop screen. A mobile phone appears beside the laptop, showing the same detailed graph. The mobile phone slides offscreen.]

[On the laptop, the cursor selects Market Movers. A list of stocks appears.]

Head over to Market Movers to see which stocks are gaining and losing.

[On the laptop, the cursor selects the News tab. The Market Buzz page appears.]

Explore the headlines behind the day’s gains and losses with Market Buzz, your go-to hub for market news.

[A bubble graph appears on the laptop screen, with bubbles of various sizes. Each bubble contains a stock symbol.]

Discover which companies, stocks, commodities and currencies are trending according to trusted news sources, blogs and social media.

[The cursor selects a stock symbol. The News Analytics page for the stock pops up, showing comparable graphs for sentiment, subjectivity and confidence index.]

Also view crowd insights and market sentiment scores to find out how investors feel about a stock.

Want to build your skills? We’ve got that, too.

[The cursor selects the Technical Analysis tab. The Education On Demand section of the Technical Analysis screen appears.]

Visit Technical Analysis to learn at your own pace with Education On Demand videos and quiz yourself, too.

[The cursor selects the Newsletters tab. The Newsletters screen appears.]

Plus, our suite of email newsletters delivers comprehensive market and sector reports right to your inbox. Sign up for the ones that matters to you.

[The cursor selects the Stock Centre tab. The Stock Centre page appears.]

Let’s move on to our Stock, ETF and Fund centres, where screening tools make it quick and easy to find investment opportunities. Discover and filter through thousands of stocks, ETFs and mutual funds to find the right fit for your portfolio.

[The cursor selects the Screeners tab. The Screener list page appears.]

Pre-built screeners make it even easier to get started.

[The cursor selects a stock symbol. The Stock Centre page appears again. The cursor selects the Analyst Ratings tab. The Analyst Consensus page appears, showing detailed graphs and information.]

Let’s say you’re watching a stock, and you want to know what analysts think. You can check out TipRanks, which rates the performance of analysts based on their stock recommendations.

[The cursor selects the Reports tab. The Reports page appears.]

Then head over to Reports, where you’ll find insights from CIBC World Markets and reliable third-party sources.

[The cursor selects the My Alerts tab. The My Alerts screen opens.]

With My Alerts, you can schedule alerts for your personalized watch lists so you never miss an opportunity.

[The laptop screen page zooms out to show the laptop computer. The laptop screen changes to display $6.95.]

As an Investor’s Edge client, you can take advantage of everything Quotes and Research has to offer for just $6.95 per online equity trade, plus special rates for active traders and students.

CIBC Investor’s Edge, helping you trade your way to the future you want.

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