Transcript: Register for CIBC Investor’s Edge online access

Transcript: Register for CIBC Investor’s Edge online access

Length: 1:50

Let’s register your approved CIBC Investor’s Edge account for online access.

Gather your application form and the account number we gave you when you applied. If you can’t find your account number, contact us.

[Video: The speaker shows account number on the application form. The speaker uses a smartphone to contact CIBC Investor’s Edge.]

[Part one: registration]

Using a computer or tablet, go to and select Register.

[Video: The speaker demonstrates how to register for online access .]

Step one. Enter your account number. Enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your application form.

[Video: The speaker enters account number, date of birth, first name and last name]

Select Next.

Step two. Change your User ID and create your Sign On and Trading passwords.

Select Next.

[Video: The speaker enters User ID, Sign On password and Trading password and clicks Next.]

Select Proceed to Sign On.

[Part two: Security Contact Information]

Now, set up your Security Contact Information.

We’ll use this to send you one-time verification codes when you complete certain online transactions, like resetting your password.

Step one. Select the phone number or email you would like us to use to send you a one-time verification code.

Select Send.

[Video: A smartphone with the text message that includes the one-time verification code message. Image reads 242223, Michael, enter 123456 within 10 minutes to complete your online registration.]

Step two. When you receive your code, enter it in the Verification Code box.

Select Next.

[Part three: Electronic Access Agreement and Disclosures, Exchange Agreements]

Step three. Review the Electronic Access Agreement and disclosures, and select I agree if you accept them.

[Video: The speaker clicks Next on the Terms and Conditions page.]

Finally, go to Exchange Agreements. To start, select Quotes and Research.

[Video: The speaker selects Quotes and Research in the menu and  the Exchange Agreements appear.]

Review the agreements and accept them if you agree to the terms to get real-time quotes, access market research, and use our mobile platform.


That’s it! You now have full online and mobile access.

Next you’ll fund your account so you can start investing online or with the CIBC Mobile Wealth App.

[Video: A desktop, tablet and a smartphone.]

Thank you for choosing CIBC Investor’s Edge.

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