Transcript: Register for online access

[Music playing.]

[CIBC logo.]

[CIBC Investor’s Edge logo.]

Welcome to CIBC Investor’s Edge.

[A laptop appears displaying the CIBC Investor’s Edge logo. Then the words “Register for CIBC Investor’s Edge online access” appear on the laptop screen.]

Thanks for opening your new account. To get started, you’ll first need to register your approved CIBC Investor’s Edge account for online access.

[A mobile phone appears showing a screen titled “We’ll get back to you soon”. On that screen the TFSA Account number is circled. Then a paper version of the application appears with the same account number circled.]

Make sure you have the account number we gave you when you applied online, or find your account number on your application form.

[A mobile phone appears and it’s calling CIBC Investor’s Edge.]

If you can’t find your account number, contact us.

[On screen, a desktop, tablet and mobile phone are shown. Each one is displaying the CIBC Investor’s Edge homepage. Then the focus moves to the Sign on box that is part of the homepage. The Register button is selected.]

Using a computer, tablet or mobile device, go to and select Register.

[On the Register online screen, an account number, date of birth, address, first name and last name are entered.]

Step 1: Enter your account number. Enter your personal information exactly as it appears on your application form.

Select Next.

[A user ID, sign on password and trading password are entered.]

Step 2: You can change your User ID and create your Sign On and Trading passwords. Select Save changes. Select Continue to set up.

[The one-time verification code screen is shown and the contact information is filled in.]

Now, set up your Security Contact Information. We’ll use this to send you one-time verification codes when you complete certain online transactions, like resetting your password.

[The Identity Verification pop-up appears. A mobile phone number is selected as the contact method.]

Step 1: Select the phone number or email where we can send you a one-time verification code. Select send.

[A mobile phone is shown receiving the one-time verification code and then the verification code is entered on the Identity Verification screen.]

Step 2: When you receive your code enter it in the verification code box. Select next.

[The Electronic Access Agreement and Exchange Agreement screens are shown. The agreements are reviewed and accepted.]

Step 3: Review the electronic access agreement and disclosures and select I agree if you accept them.

You’ll also be presented with exchange agreements when you access any quotes or market research on our site. Review the agreements and accept them if you agree to the terms. Then, you can access real-time quotes and market research.

[On screen, a desktop, tablet and mobile phone are shown.]

Now you’re ready to fund your account and start trading. Next, check out our tutorial on how to fund your account.

[CIBC logo.]

[CIBC Investor’s Edge logo.]

Thank you for choosing CIBC Investor’s Edge.