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[A laptop appears on screen with the CIBC logo and the words, “CIBC Investor’s Edge.”]

Let’s take a look at how you can use quote lists to find details on stocks, options and mutual funds.

[It reads, “How you can use Quote Lists to find details on stocks, options and mutual funds” on the laptop screen.]

Select “Quotes and Research” from the menu to get directly to “My Quote List.” 

[We transition to a view of the “My Accounts” page. “Quotes and Research” is highlighted on the side menu, and then we move to the “Quote Lists” tab.]

From here, you can easily build a quote list for stocks, ETFs and Indices, options, or mutual funds.

[Each tab is highlighted as the narrator reads Stocks, ETFs and Indices, Options, and Mutual Funds.]

First up, creating a quote list for Stocks, ETFs and Indices.

[The “Stocks, ETFs & Indices” tab is highlighted and a view of that page is shown.]

Start your customized quote list by entering a symbol, then select “Add Symbol.”

[A symbol is entered in the “Symbol” field and then the “Add Symbol” button is emphasized.]

Not sure of the symbol you’re looking for? Select “Symbol Search” to find it. 

[The “Symbol Search” link is emphasized.]

Add symbols to receive real-time market data including…

[Real-time market data]

…Last trade price, change since open, bid and ask details, volume, daily high and low, the day’s open price, and the 52-week high and low.

Keeping an eye on options? Build a quote list by entering the symbol for the underlying security, then choose the call or put you’d like to add.

[The “Options” tab is highlighted and a view of that page is shown. The “Call/Put” dropdown menu is expanded to show calls and puts, then the “Add Option” button is emphasized.]

Once added, you’ll see the real-time market data for your option listed below the underlying security. 

[We zoom out on a view of the full “Options” tab. We then zoom in to a selected option showing the market data below the underlying security.]

Interested in mutual funds? Create a quote list to receive the most recent price, total assets and management expense ratio.

[The “Mutual Funds” tab is highlighted and a view of that page is shown. As the narrator speaks, each column heading is highlighted.]

Once you’ve built your quote list, select the securities you’d like to track and save them as a watch list. Take a look at our “Watch List” video for more details about this tool.

[A check mark appears in the column beside the securities on the “Quote Lists” page. The “Add to Watch List” button is highlighted and a small window appears over the quote list screen with the option to “Create a New Watch List” or save to an existing list.]

You can also easily place a trade directly from your quote list!

[The Trade column is highlighted.]

Follow the trade entry steps to complete your trade.

[The “Stock Order Entry” page is shown.]

Plus, you’ll only pay $6.95 per online equity trade. 

[$6.95 per online equity trade]

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