Transcript: CIBC Investor’s Edge — How to purchase GICs


[Title Name: CIBC Investor’s Edge employee.]

[Music plays.]

[CIBC logo. CIBC Investor’s Edge - How to purchase GICs. An open laptop is shown to the right hand side. The monitor shows a bar graph and a line graph.]

[A laptop is open and shows the Investor’s Edge webpage. The page scrolls up to show how to add your sign in information.]

CIBC Investor’s Edge employee: Hello and welcome to Investor’s Edge.

[The sign in information is added and the CIBC Investor’s Edge page is opened. At the top are main links: “Accounts; Trading; Order Status; Transfers and Exchange; Quotes and Research; Learn”. Below this are further links: “Overview; Holdings; Performance; Transaction History; eDocuments”. Below this is an overview of Daily Market information with the user’s personal market information. The cursor hovers over “Trading” which brings up a drop down list: Stocking ETFs; Options; Mutual Funds; GICs & Bonds; Structured Notes; Regular Investment Plans; IPCs & New Issues. The cursor selects “GICs & Bonds”.]

Today I'm going to show you where can find GIC offerings on our platform, and how you can purchase them in just a few simple steps. When you log into your account, you will hover over or click on Trading and select GICs & Bonds.

[This brings up a new page that is titled “GICs and Bonds”. Below the main links are new links from the drop down list. GICs & Bonds are highlighted. Below are icons: A document with “Buy GICs” below it; a clipboard holding a document of 3 boxes with “Buy Bonds” below it; another clipboard holding a document with “Sell GICs & Bonds” below. Below these icons there is a title: “Quick Picks” where the user can quickly go to the page that holds the information they want.]

From there you will select Buy GICs, which will bring you to a list of CIBC GICs available for purchase.

[Buy GICs is selected which take the user to a new page that shows steps to buy. There are 3 tabs: “CIBC GICs; CIBC Market Linked GICs; Third-party GICs”. The “CIBC GICs” is highlighted which shows various GICs below. Each CIBC GIC shows the following information: “GIC type; Interest paid; 1 year; 2 year; 3 year; 4 year; 5 year; Yield”.]

[The cursor chooses the “CIBC Cashable Escalating Rate GIC ( 3 and 5 Year)”. To the far right, the cursor chooses the 5 year “Yield” percentage. This brings the user to the trade ticket for that selection. The account number is indicated; a blank box to indicate the amount in $; an Update button. Below this are the GIC details: “Issuer and description; Term; Maturity; Interest rate/effective yield; Escalating rate; Interest paid; Settlement date; Minimum investment; Pay from box”.]

[The cursor then takes user to the Amount box and $5,000 is entered. The page scrolls down to “Pay from” and “Account (CAD)” is chosen from the drop down box. The “Next” button is clicked, which takes user to a new page that give the “Order summary”, with the following information filled out under “Order Details”: “Account; Amount; Issue and descriptions; Term Interest rate effective yield; escalating rate; Interest paid; Maturity; Settlement date; Pay from”. There is a box where user inputs their “Trading Password”. There is a “Back” button, a “Cancel” button and a “Submit Order” button, found at the bottom of the page.]

When you find a suitable choice, you simply click on the underlined rate, which will bring you into the trade ticket. Once you select your account, provide the amount you are looking to purchase, noting that there is a $5,000 minimum initial investment required. Select the currency you're looking to purchase with and click Next. This will bring you to the order review page where you will input your trading password to submit the GIC purchase ticket.

[The cursor selects the “Cancel” button which sends the user back to the first page of “Buy GICs”. “Third party GICs” is selected, which brings up this information. Just below are tabs: “Interest paid; At maturity; Annually; Semi-annually; Monthly”. The “At maturity” tab is highlighted. Below are the following titles: “GIC issuer; 1-Year; 2-Year; 3-Year; 4-Year; 5-Year”. Below this is a listing of a number of third-party GIC companies and the various rates offered under those years. The user chooses each tab to indicate the different rates for the same third-party companies.]

If you are looking for alternatives, we also have a number of GICs from other issuers which can be found under Third-party GICs. Here you can toggle to see the rates offered under different interest payout options, whether it is monthly, semi-annually, annually or compounded and paid out at maturity. You would go through the same steps to purchase these GICs as you would the CIBC ones.

[The cursor selects: “CIBC Market Linked GICs”. This brings up information under the title: “Available market linked GICs”. To the right is a box: “Sort by”. Currently it indicates: “Product name” and indicates it goes from the smaller letter to the larger letters. Below are the following titles: “Product name; Product code; Available until; Term(years); Currency; Coupon; Marketing document: Offering document; Action”. Below information on two CIBC Market Linked GICs is shown. Below is a “+ More information” and a “Back” button.]

If you are looking for an investment where your principal is guaranteed but still want some market exposure, you can access our market-linked GIC offerings here, also known as MLGICs.

[An icon of a bar graph with an arrow trending upwards above it. To the right is the title: “Market-Linked GICs (MLGICs)”. To the right of this is a listing: “Like a traditional GIC:”, with the listing below: “MLGICs guarantee 100% repayment of your principal at maturity regardless of any down market movement”. Below is the title: “The difference”. Below this is the explanation: “If the market goes up, the MLGIC offers the potential to outperform traditional GICs”.]

[The user goes back to the “Buy GICs” page and indicates the link at the top right to “Learn about Market Linked GICs”, which is circled.]

Not sure what a MLGIC is? Like a traditional GIC, MLGICs guarantee 100% repayment of your principal at maturity, regardless of any down market movement. Here's the main difference: if the market goes up, the MLGIC offers a potential to outperform traditional GICs and you can learn more about MLGICs here.

There you have it. You see just how easy it is to purchase GICs online. Happy trading.

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