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Welcome to CIBC Investor’s Edge.

[A laptop appears with the CIBC Investor’s Edge logo displayed]

We offer many tools and resources to help you make investment decisions.

[The words “How to fund your account” appear on the laptop screen]

Now that you’ve registered for online access, you can fund your account and start trading.

There are 3 ways to fund your account.

[Animated buildings begin to appear on screen with a CIBC Banking Centre popping up last. The phrase “1 Banking Centre” appears.]

You can deposit funds to your account at any CIBC Banking Centre.

[A mobile phone appears and it’s calling CIBC Investor’s Edge. The phrase “2 Call us” appears.]

Or contact us to transfer cash or securities from another financial institution.

[Screenshot of the My Accounts page appears. The phrase “3 Online cash transfers” appears.]

The easiest way to transfer funds to your Investor’s Edge account is directly from your linked CIBC bank account. If your CIBC bank account isn’t linked for cash transfers, contact us. 

Let’s complete an online cash transfer. Select Cash Transfers from the menu.

[Screenshot of the Cash Transfers page appears. All the fields are completed one after another for Step 1 of 3: Select Accounts. A From Account is chosen then a To Account is chosen. A dollar amount is entered and then the Next button is selected.] 

Step 1: Enter the details of your cash transfer. 

[Screenshot of the Cash Transfers page appears. All the fields are completed one after another for Step 2 of 3: Verify. The Trading Password is entered. The box next to Save trading password for this session is selected. And the Submit Transfer button is selected.]

Step 2: Check the transfer details and enter your trading password. Select Submit Transfer. 

[A laptop appears showing the Cash Transfers page. A mobile phone appears showing the Transfer Details page. The laptop disappears and the mobile phone slides into the middle of the screen. Focus is placed on the list of recently submitted cash transfers under the header Recently Placed.]

Once you submit your first transfer, you’ll also be able to see recently placed cash transfers on both our desktop and mobile platforms.

[Screenshot of the Cash Transfers page appears. Now the transfer is in Step 3 of 3: Confirmation. The cursor scans the transfer information and selects View Order Status.]

Step 3: Review the confirmation page. 

[On the Order Status screen, the cash transfer shows pending, then changes to approved when the transfer is complete]

You can check the status of your cash transfer on the Order Status page. When the cash transfer has been completed, the status will show approved.

You’ve now funded your account and can place your first trade. 

[An animated sequence of screenshots shows how to access our how-to guides online. The cursor goes to the More dropdown on the top menu and then Learn is selected. The Learn page on the CIBC Investor’s Edge site appears.] 

Check out our how-to guides for more information about trading.

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Thank you for choosing CIBC Investor’s Edge.