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The mechanics, benefits and risks of trading in extended hours — before the stock exchanges officially open or after they officially close.
CIBC Investor’s Edge Mar. 03, 2022 5-minute read

What are the hours of extended market trading for U.S. stocks at Investor’s Edge?

Does the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange) have an after-hours session?

Are all U.S. stocks available for extended hours trading?

What order types are eligible? 

How do I get an idea of a stock’s current price level during extended hours?

Are there special commissions for extended hours trading?

Can I trade a CDR (Canadian Depositary Receipts) if the CDR’s underlying stock trades on NYSE or NASDAQ?

Can I trade any other financial instruments outside of regular hours?

What are the risks of trading in the extended hours?

What are the benefits of trading in the extended hours?

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