Transaction History Guide

To get started, select Transaction History from the navigation menu.  You’ll see an overview of all of your transactions over the past 45 days.

You can choose to view transactions from one of your sub-accounts, or select Combined Transactions to see all of your account activity.

Default view of the Transaction History page.

Do you remember making a trade in the past few months, but can’t remember the exact date? Narrow down your search by sorting your transaction by date:

  • The default view is the last 45 days, but you can also choose from pre-set date ranges or select your own customized date range.
  • Transactions made more than 13 months ago can be found in your account statements on the eDocuments page.
Transaction History page displaying the available date ranges.

If you need to find something specific, like a dividend payment, you can use our filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can search by:

  • Transaction type
  • Security type
  • Security symbol 
  • Currency
Transaction History page displaying drop down menu options for filtering transactions.

Now that you’ve found what you’re looking for, you’ll find all of these details about your transactions:

  • Trade and settlement dates 
  • Currency of the transaction 
  • Transaction type 
  • Transaction description 
  • Symbol
  • Quantity 
  • Price per unit
  • Total price including commission

You can expand some of your transactions to find out more details including, the settlement account, commission and the exchange rate.

Transaction History page displaying transaction details.

Need to create a spreadsheet with your transactions? You can download your transaction history to Excel. Select Download Transactions, and follow the prompts to download or save the .XLS file to your computer.

Transaction History page with the Download Transactions link.