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Portfolio Investors
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Portfolio Investors

A common perception is that portfolio investing is purely equity-driven. Although equities can certainly play a part, portfolio investors understand that a well-rounded portfolio contains a variety of investments in different asset classes.

Profile of a Portfolio Investor

Portfolio investors are typically financially stable and have a steady income but:

  • Are in the accumulation stage of their financial lives
  • May be paying down a home mortgage
  • May be saving for their children's education
  • May be saving to buy a cottage or other secondary property

Retirement is a consideration, and they may start to prepare for this stage of their lives, but it is not something that will happen in the near future. Portfolio investors have the ability to invest and understand the value of investing now to achieve their short- and long-term financial goals.

For portfolio investors, a well-diversified portfolio and a structured financial plan are the keys to their investment success. They are usually self-reliant and prefer to self-direct or may retain an advisor for part of their investments and manage the balance themselves. These investors want to ensure that they have all the tools and resources at their disposal so that their portfolios are well prepared to reflect any economic improvements or weather any downturns.

Benefits We Offer to a Portfolio Investor

  • Calculators
    Assess how much you need to attain your short- and long-term financial goals with our many calculators.

  • FundBuilder™
    Take advantage of the convenience of systematic investing with a regular investment plan. We will automatically transfer a specific amount from your CIBC bank account at the frequency you choose to your CIBC Investor's Edge account, as a cash deposit or to purchase mutual funds.

  • ShareBuilder™
    You can arrange it so that the dividends you receive on eligible Canadian and U.S. stocks are automatically reinvested in additional, whole shares of the same stock. You'll pay no commissions or processing fees. (Your dividend payment must be sufficient to buy at least one share.)

  • Asset Allocation tool
    Find the asset mix that best suits your risk tolerance, investment objectives, and investing time horizon, and learn how your portfolio compares to your suggested asset allocation profile.

  • Education Centre
    Broaden your knowledge about investments and strategies that can help you build a stronger portfolio.

  • Portfolio Tracker
    Allows you to save multiple lists of equity, option, and mutual fund symbols for tracking of various statistics and information about these holdings.

  • Mobile Access
    The enhanced CIBC Investor’s Edge mobile experience means you can trade stocks, access your accounts, get quotes and more using the mobile platform that is most convenient for you.

Action Plan

To access these tools and more, we encourage you to open a CIBC Investor's Edge account. Our comprehensive range of products and services can help you prepare and implement financial strategies to address your goals. You can open an account online or by calling our Investment Representatives at 1 800 567-3343.

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