Here are all the ways we’re improving your online trading experience

New trade types

Note that short sell and uncovered option trading privileges require approval. For more information, contact us.

Real-time Buying Power

  • Buying Power will provide a real-time, complete view of the cash balance, open orders and margin available in your Investor’s Edge account 
  • With a more complete view of your available funds, fewer orders will need to be reviewed for approval, which means your order will get to market faster 
  • To get your orders to market faster, the option to “Pay To” or “Pay From” your bank account will no longer be available because Buying Power does not include your bank account balances
  • The Buying Power calculation is based on intraday rates
An example of the Buying Power calculation available online.

Responsive symbol search

  • Responsive symbol search will make it easier to find the security you’re looking for 
  • With currency and exchange details listed within the responsive search results, you’ll always be sure of the symbol you’re selecting
  • You’ll be able to search for a symbol or security name and complete your trade all on one page
An example of the security search feature.

Longer Good Through orders

  • We’ll be extending the maximum Good Through order date to up to 90 days instead of 30 days
  • To bring you this new feature, we’ll be temporarily limiting the length of Good Through orders in the coming weeks. More details about this temporary restriction will be available on our trading pages soon
An example of the date selector feature.