Trade smarter with charts

Get a quick, at-a-glance view of a stock. And if you want to dig deeper, use customizable and interactive charts to identify technical analysis patterns, events and more. 

Select your preferred timeframe to view price and volume data for an individual stock

Customize your view with trend lines and event indicators to validate your investment decisions, and save your chart settings for quick access

Choose from four chart styles:
Area, Candlestick, Line, and OHLC

Finding Charts

Charts are accessible from Quotes & Watch Lists and Holdings Details. You can also access charts for market indices, foreign exchange and commodities on the Markets page.

Select Quotes and Watch Lists from the menu. Select a stock quote. Chart opens on the Quote Details screen.
A woman holding a smartphone displaying the CIBC Mobile Wealth App.

Do more on mobile

The CIBC mobile wealth experience gives you the flexibility to trade and monitor your investments from your mobile device, anytime, anywhere. 

  • Trade equities, ETFs and options for only $6.95 per trade, plus $1.25 per options contract 
  • Keep tabs on the market with Quote Lists and Watch Lists
  • Conveniently transfer funds between your Investor’s Edge and CIBC bank accounts

Find out more about our mobile platformsAbout the enhanced CIBC mobile wealth experience

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