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Placing an option trade

Step 1


  • You can also place a trade through the ellipses menu on Holdings, Watch list, Quote list or the option chain in Quotes & Research.
  • Track individual option quotes in Quote lists or Watch lists.
The Trade Options page under the Trading tab.

Step 2


  • Use "Symbol Search" to find your symbol, if needed.

Step 3


  • Once you select a symbol, you’ll get a quote you can refresh throughout the trading steps.

Step 4


  • Select information icons for explanations of different order types.
  • Consider using a Limit order, especially when placing a trade outside market hours.

Step 5


  • If you select the US market but choose to pay from the Canadian dollar component of your brokerage account, foreign exchange rates will apply.
The Trade Options page with the order form filled out.

Step 6


  • Planning on making multiple trades? Save your trading password for the current session and use it later.
The verification screen after filling out the order form.

Confirm the status of your order


  • Set up fill alerts to be notified by email once your trade has been completed.
  • The settlement period for options is the transaction date plus one business day (T+1).
  • You can change or cancel any open or unfilled portion of a partially filled order except for market orders. Trade orders with a status of pending can be cancelled but cannot be changed.
  • Select the expand button for more options and details of your order.
An option shows as pending on the Option tab under Order Status.

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