An improving economic picture

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2018 Economic Outlook with Benjamin Tal

January 17, 2018
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Video. Webinar replay. Building an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolio. 52:45.

Mark Noble
Building an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Portfolio video (52:45)

Learn basic strategies for using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to build an investment portfolio.

Video. Webinar replay. Where in the World Are We? 55:15.

Andrew Grantham
Where in the World Are We? video (55:15)

A closer look at where Canada is situated relative to global trends.

Video. Webinar replay. Option Fundamentals. 54:23.

Jason Ayres 
Option Fundamentals video (54:23)

New to derivatives? Enter a world of opportunities as we explore the fundamentals of option trading.

Video. Webinar replay. Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds E T F. 1:02:28.

David Barber
Introduction to Exchange Traded Funds  (ETFs) video (1:02:28)

The basics of ETFs, and how they differ from mutual funds.

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Economic and market insights


Video. Small Business Slowdown Signals Sluggish Economy? 4:59.

Benjamin Tal
Small Business Slowdown Signals Sluggish Economy? video (4:59)

The challenges small businesses face today, and how they affect the 2018 economic outlook. 

Video. Inflation Outlook Calls the Shots. Perspectives. October 2017. 4:11.

Luc de la Durantaye
Inflation Outlook Calls the Shots - Perspectives: October 2017 video (4:11)

The outlook for inflation, plus potential risks and impacts on portfolios.

Video. Managing Currency Ups and Downs. 2:52

Luc de la Durantaye
Managing Currency Ups and Downs video (2:52)

Currency management and portfolio diversification.

Video. Patrick O'Toole. Rates Are Rising But Still Chronically Low. 4:07.

Patrick O'Toole
Rates are Rising but Still Chronically Low video (4:07)

The fixed income space, and how factors such as labour and slow growth impact bond yields.

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An improving economic picture
Recent improvements in global financial markets, plus the NAFTA talks and rising oil prices.
Market Spotlight: November 2017 (PDF, 125 KB) 

Inflation ahead?
Inflation, the global outlook and alternative scenarios.
Perspectives: October 1, 2017 (PDF, 515 KB) 

Global markets optimism 
Optimism over improving global economies kept global financial markets on the rise again in July.
Market Spotlight: August 2017 (PDF, 90 KB) 

Global Bright Spots Emerge 
A review of changing economies in the global landscape.
Perspectives: July 1, 2017  (PDF, 690 KB) 

Financial markets and equities go higher
Political events dominated headlines in May as markets and equities rose.
Market Spotlight: June 2017 (PDF, 125 KB) 

Calming concerns about populism
Markets went higher in April and an independent centrist won the French election in May.
Market Spotlight: May 2017 (PDF, 345 KB) 

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Tax and financial planning

Learn how smart planning can help you reduce your taxes and preserve your wealth.


Video. Jamie Golombek. Revised Private Corporation Tax Proposals. 4:01.

Jamie Golombek
Revised Private Corporation Tax Proposals video (4:01)

How could the government's proposals for taxation of private companies affect you?

Video. Thumbnail of 2017 Year End Tax Tips. 3:17.

Jamie Golombek
2017 Year End Tax Tips video (3:17)

Year-end tax tips, information on tax deadlines and discussion on effective planning for tax changes.

Video. Jamie Golombek. When Does Trading In Your TFSA Become a Business? 4:20.

Jamie Golombek
When Does Trading In Your TFSA Become a Business? video (4:20)

Why most investors don`t need to worry about heavy trading in their TFSAs.

Video. Jamie Golombek. Give a Little Bit. Tax Planning and Gifting. 4:53.

Jamie Golombek
Give a Little Bit: Tax Planning and Gifting video (4:53)

Strategies for gifting money and property to help minimize taxes for the entire family.

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Own a private corporation? Read this.
Modifications to proposals for taxation of private corporations.
Taking Action: Revised CCPC tax proposals (PDF, 640 KB) 

Jamie Golombek’s Tax planning tips for 2017
Year-end will be here before you know it. Take advantage of Jamie Golombek’s tax planning tips for investors.
2017 Year End Tax Tips (PDF, 660 KB) 

Good news? Bad news? What’s in the Budget?
The impact of tax measures on individual and small-business Canadian taxpayers.
2017 Federal Budget (PDF, 600 KB) 

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