RRSP, TFSA or Mortgage?

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Jamie Golombek
Jamie Golombek’s 2018 Budget and Tax Tips for Investors video (58:10)

Jamie Golombek discusses measures in the 2018 Federal Budget that affect investors, as well as tax planning tips that may allow investors to maximize their after-tax investment income.

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Peter Ashton
An Event-Driven Approach to Technical Analysis video (50:29)

Learn how Recognia’s technical analysis helps you cover more ground and find more investing opportunities.

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Mark Noble
Where’s The Yield? Fixed Income Investing Using ETFs video (1:01:01)

Learn how fixed-income ETFs work, how they compare to individual bond investing, and much more.


Benjamin Tal
Economic Outlook for 2018 video (57:57)

Is there logic behind the madness? 


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Economic and market insights


Video. Jean Gauthier. A New Head of the U.S. Fed – What it Means for Canada video (4:14)

Jean Gauthier
A New Head of the U.S. Fed – What it Means for Canada video (4:14)

Jerome Powell is the new head of the Federal Reserve. What does it mean for Canada?

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Avery Shenfeld
Canadian Interest Rates – How High is Too High? video (3:44)

Central banks in Canada and the U.S. are slowly hiking rates.


Éric Morin
10-Year Forecast — Emerging Economies Likely to Shine video (3:16)

Emerging market economies are projected to be substantially better than those in advanced economies


Richard Pzena
Seeking Value — Industries Targeted by Disruptors video (4:15)

Is the market expensive? Isn’t the world a new place?


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Long-term capital market returns
Best assessment of average expected returns for major financial market asset classes for the next 10 years.
2018 Long-Term Capital Market Returns(PDF, 555 KB)  

A February Tumble for Global Markets
After a strong January, the possibility of higher-than-expected inflation and interest rate hikes led to the return of volatility.
Market Spotlight: March 2018 (PDF, 165 KB)  

Market volatility returns with a vengeance
What can we expect next?
Perspectives Update: February 6, 2018 (PDF, 70 KB) 

Is this as good as it gets?
How long can the equity bull market last?
Perspectives: January 1, 2018 (PDF, 905 KB) 

As the year wound down, equities went up
Equity markets continued their healthy performance at the close of 2017.
Market Spotlight : December 2017 (PDF, 140 KB) 

An improving economic picture
Recent improvements in global financial markets, plus the NAFTA talks and rising oil prices.
Market Spotlight: November 2017 (PDF, 125 KB) 

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Tax and financial planning

Learn how smart planning can help you reduce your taxes and preserve your wealth.


Jamie Golombek
Update – Private Corporate Tax Changes: March 2018 video (4:06)

An update on private corporation tax changes, effective January 1, 2019.


Jamie Golombek
Dispelling Common RRSP Myths video (3:46)

Why even bother with RRSPs?


Jamie Golombek
Update — Private Corporation Tax Changes video (5:00)

Remaining changes to the taxation of private corporation.


Video. Jamie Golombek. Revised Private Corporation Tax Proposals. 4:01.

Jamie Golombek
Revised Private Corporation Tax Proposals video (4:01)

How could the government's proposals for taxation of private companies affect you?

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Can you use the superficial loss rule to your benefit?
Jaime Golombek spotlights the superficial loss rule and how it can benefit you.
Turn a loss into a gain (PDF, 55 KB)  

Make the most of your TFSA
TFSA basics and tax planning tips from Jamie Golombek. 
Tax planning with TFSAs (PDF, 100 KB)  

RRSP, TFSA or Mortgage?
Jamie Golombek discusses what you should consider when deciding what is right for you.
The RRSP, the TFSA and the Mortgage: Making the best choice (PDF, 205 KB)  

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